Using Hyper-V (Windows Phone Emulator) and VMware Workstation parallel.

Windows Phone 8 的模拟器是运行在 Hyper-V 平台上的,但是开启 Hyper-V 以后 VMware 虚拟机却无法使用了,虽然可以修改启动参数临时关闭 Hyper-V,但是每次都要重新启动,体验真的号差,因为这个原因我好久都没有开发和更新 Windows Phone 应用了。今天看到一个方法可以让 VMware 虚拟机运行在 Hyper-V 环境之下。

Since I’m working on some Windows Phone 8 Applications, I’ve installed Windows Phone 8 SDK which is shipped with the Windows Phone Emulator. The Emulator runs as Hyper-V virtual machine.
My (Linux)-Developing Servers are VMware machines. I’ve googled some hours to let both virtualizing systems run parallel (and booted up parallel the vms!).

Here’s a Step-by-Step List to let you run both together on the same host system:

You have not installed VMware and Hyper-V on the host yet

  1. Install VMware Workstation first.
  2. Install the Windows Phone SDK which enables the Hyper-V Role on your host
  3. Go to your Virtual Machine Storage place and open the *.vmx File
  4. Add the line: vmx.allowNested = "TRUE" 

You have already installed Hyper-V, but not VMware

  1. Deactive the Hyper-V Role
    1. open PowerShell or console and stop the Hyper-V role with:
    2. bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
    3. Restart your computer
  2. Install VMware Workstation
  3. Activate Hyper-V role again
    1. run bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto on console or PowerShell
    2. Restart your computer
  4. Add the line vmx.allowNested = "TRUE" to your VMware virtual machine *.vmx File

After this steps you can run the Windows Phone 8 Emulator and VMware virtual machines at the same time on the same host.



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